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Callidora! – Chapter 7 (Scene 4) and Chapter 8 – Beginnings and Endings

The doorway was darkened by a new figure entering the clinic. Everyone turned to see who the intruder was, who couldn’t stay away, even though the clinic was clearly not open for business.

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Callidora! – Chapter 7 (Scene 3) – Contrition

Romero, Cletus and the second henchman watched as their compatriot approached the two women. Romero was almost giggling with joy …

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Callidora! – Chapter 7 (Scene 2) – Vengeance

In the ensuing weeks, several things happened which brought the groups even closer together. It was clear Callidora and her entourage couldn’t stay in the guest house forever.

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Callidora! – Chapter 7 (Scene 1) – Knowing

Callidora watched Uncle Titus and Nan with interest. It became obvious as the trip went on they were becoming very good friends or perhaps more than friends.

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 9) – Ephesus at Last

Ephesus was finally within easy reach. It had been a long journey and except for the one incident with the thieves, it had been uneventful.

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 Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 8) – Cletus

Cletus didn’t see it coming. His father walked into the stable and dismissed the stable hands.

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Callidora – Chapter 6 (Scene 7) – The Road Ahead

So far, the trip to Ephesus for Callidora and her fellow travelers had been uneventful. They were making good time without rushing.

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 6) – Finding Solon

Callidora knew it was time to leave.

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 5) – Homecoming

He finally caught his breath and yelled inside, “IT’S CALLIDORA! SHE’S COME HOME!”

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 4) – On the Move

The games were over and the Master and Mistress were on their way home.

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 3) – Time to Leave

Nan decided it was time for them to make their escape. She hoped she had planned well.

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Callidora! – Chapter 6 (Scene 2) – Nan

Nan lay on the thin straw mattress at the foot of Callidora’s bed. This was something she or her most trusted housemaid had done every night since Callidora had reached puberty.

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Callidora – Chapter 6 (Scene 1) – Loss

Callidora had suffered more than any child should suffer. In a few short days, she had seen her mother beaten, she had been kidnapped, forced to endure a ride trussed over a saddle while hidden under a blanket.

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Callidora! – Chapter 5 (Scene 3) Time to Say Farewell

Solon came to see the trio less and less as the months went on. It was time to sit down with them and tell them what was next in his plan.

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Callidora! – Chapter 5 (Scene 2) – Zotikos’ Test

The three neophytes were enjoying developing their empathetic and other sensory skills. They were becoming more in tune with one another which was good and bad. Most of it was good.

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Callidora! – Chapter 5 (Scene 1) – Why Us?

Paian wanted to know why they had been chosen. The informality of a dinner setting seemed like an appropriate pretext to find out.

Paian asked Solon to join him and Chara for dinner. Solon quickly accepted.

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Callidora – Chapter 4 (Scene 4) -The Plan is Set

Just as they were about to start figuring out how to go forward, Anatola arrived to escort Chara home. She had a big smile on her face until she saw the stranger.

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Callidora! -Chapter 4 (Scene 3)-Solon and Chara First Encounter

Paian and Zotikos were up early and left the house before anyone else arose. They wanted time to discuss how they would approach Solon. They talked all the way to the clinic.

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Callidora! – Chapter 4 (Scene 2) – Contemplation

As Zotikos and Paian made their way home they did so in silence. Each man digesting what Solon had said and trying to understand what it might mean to them.

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Callidora! – Chapter 4 -(Scene 1) – Solon, Paian, and Zotikos

After completing the morning routine and getting everyone organized as necessary, they began their walk to the clinic.

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Callidora! – Chapter 3 (Scene 5) – Zotikos and Andreas Continued

“Son, have you ever wondered why there is peace and harmony in this house? Why our disagreements are of a trivial nature and unlike many of our neighbours and friends the disagreements are resolved without physical force or bloodshed?

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Callidora! – Chapter 3 (Scene 4) – Zotikos and Andreas Meet

Zotikos stepped outside for a moment and beckoned one of the street children to come over.

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Callidora! – Chapter 3 (Scene 3) – Solon’s Surprise

Paian didn’t know what to make of this man. He was a dichotomy. On one hand, he made Paian feel very uncomfortable, and on the other hand he made him … Continue reading

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Callidora! – Chapter 3 (Scene 2) – First Meeting

Paian and Zotikos walked in silence to the clinic on Harbour Street. It was a magnificent boulevard off Curetes Street.

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Callidora! – Chapter 3 (Scene 1) -To Work

The administration of a proven tonic and a good night’s sleep can do wonders for the body and spirit.

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Callidora! – Chapter 2 (Scene 5) – Ephesus

He was finally here. After all the research, time, and planning, he was about to see Ephesus and walk its streets.

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Callidora! – Chapter 2 (Scene 4) Brigid and Sloane

Brigid had been busy since she joined the Flannigan’s practice.

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Callidora! – Chapter 2 (Scene 3) The Walk

Brigid was very excited.

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Callidora! – Chapter 2 (Scene2) Brigid Kelly, Ph D., DVM

Early on, Brigid noticed Gran had some unique qualities. She had a very strong “mother’s intuition”. Almost a sixth sense. Gran said Brigid had this trait although Brigid wasn’t so sure. Maybe it was what made their bond so strong.

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Callidora! – Chapter 2 (Scene 1) Awakening

His head was pounding, the kids were talking far too loud, his wife wasn’t happy and he was sure he was going to be late for work. He’ll never mix beer and brandy again. He forgot the old adage “Beer and whiskey, kind of risky. Whiskey and beer, have no fear.”

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Callidora? – Prologue and Chapter 1

What does a father do when his daughter is kidnapped and can’t be found? Follow one man’s quest to find his daughter.

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