Celebrating 45 Years of Sobriety!

I have two brothers that I’m very proud of and if I had sisters, I’m sure that I’d be proud of them too.

However, today I want to acknowledge my oldest brother.  Today he is celebrating 45 years, yes 45 years, of sobriety and being involved with Alcoholics Anonymous.  His journey to sobriety was not easy and there were many times in the last 45 years where he was tempted but he never succumbed to the urge.

His career is a testament to his sobriety. He admitted that he had a problem with alcohol when it was not fashionable to do so.  In fact, it was nearly a career killer.  In spite of that, he rose in rank to become one of the top commissioned officers in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  His continued involvement in AA has helped innumerable people get sober.

So please join me in raising a glass of your favourite non-alcoholic beverage to my brother.

Congratulations H!

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