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“Put your hands in your pockets…”

I was prompted to write this post by a story coming out of Calgary.  It’s not a new story.  It will be repeated.  It is sad.  A young woman was … Continue reading

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Most of the Time…

Author’s note:  David may still be with us and if so I hope he appreciates the story.  As you will read, he had a great impact on me. It’s interesting … Continue reading

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Addy’s Hill – Chapter 3 -The Head Master

Author’s note:  This is the third and final chapter of Addy’s Hill.  If this is your first time here, please start with Chapter One farther down this page. Kathleen walked … Continue reading

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Addy’s Hill – Chapter 2 – The Guardians

They stood on the deck and watched her slowly climb the hill.  They’d watched her do it countless times before but this time something was different. A few minutes earlier, … Continue reading

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Addy’s Hill – Chapter 1

She slowly made her way up the hill.  Today seemed to be particularly challenging.  Her old bones were sore and her muscles weren’t what they used to be.  She couldn’t … Continue reading

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