Home – Why One Old Sage?

A Sage can be defined as someone having wisdom which usually comes from age or experience.  As I am in my 6th decade of life and have had many and varied life experiences, I think I may qualify on both counts.

There is by default an implication that comments should be wise, knowing or prudent as in providing “sage advice”.  However, this may not always be true.

Like everyone, my life experiences include the usual gambit of good and bad times; good and bad business decisions; some wonderful travel experiences and some not so wonderful.  In other words, a pretty normal life.

I’ve been told that I was was an excellent mentor.  I tried to make every place where I worked better by the time I left than when I arrived.  (I’m sure some of my co-workers thought that my leaving was an improvement all by itself!)

You may find my stories interesting, thought provoking or of no interest at all.

This home in Isafjordur, Iceland, is a little battered but it has great character, lots of charm, and with proper care it will be around for some time to come.  Sort of like me.  (You have to decide if I have charm and character.) The site, like this house, is a work in progress.  Again, sort of like me.

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May each day bring you everything that you hope for and more than you expected.

Here’s to Life and all it brings us!